Saturday, 18 June 2011


1 kg Chopped Tomatoes
1,5 Chopped Onion
2 Fresh Onion
A Handful of Parsley
A Handful of Spearmint
0,5 Zucchini Grated
150 grams white Flour
150 grams Self Rising Flour
Salt , Pepper

Cut the Tomatoes in small cubes and then strain them well
Then mix all the ingredients
They will look like the next Foto

Keep mixing the ingredients and then put it in the refrigarator for few hours

Then heat a frying pan with oil in 180 c
Take a spoon from the mix and put it in the flour like meatballs and then fried them.
The will look like that:

Good Luck and Enjoy the Tomatokeftedes we make in OUZERI in Santorini.


bigmf said...

This works fine with Santorini tomatoes. If using "ordinary" tomatoes,suggest mixing minced tomatoes without seeds and well-drained, and sun-dried tomagtoes. Almost works as well. This is a Brooklyn version!! Marty

Floss said...

Thanks Marty